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Gift Card FAQ'sUpdated 9 months ago

Where can I use my Gift Card?

Gift cards can be redeemed via the checkout on our website or in our shop.

What can I buy with my Gift Card?

Gift cards can be used to purchase any products featured our website or in our shop. 

Do I have to spend the gift card value in one go?

The answer is no, you are able to spend part of a gift card, for instance if your purchase totals £5 and your gift card value is £10, you can use it to pay for the £5 purchase and the balance left will stay on the gift card for another purchase.

If the total of your purchase is more than the value of your gift card, simply redeem the gift card first and pay the rest of the balance with an alternative form of payment.

Can I redeem multiple gifts cards in one transaction?

Yes you can, simply enter the first code and click 'Apply', then enter the second code and click 'Apply' and so on until you have redeemed them all.

Can I earn Loyalty points with Gift Cards?

Loyalty points are not available on purchases of Gift cards, however are earnt when a gift card is redeemed.

When does my gift card expire?

Gift cards purchased from 27th February 2023 are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards purchased before this date are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Any remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period. 

What happens if my Gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Please look after your gift card as we cannot accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

I've spent the value of my gift card what do I do now?

If the total value of the gift card has been spent, it is now used and can be discarded.

What happens if I need to return something purchased with a Gift Card?

Its no problem if you need to return something purchased on a Gift Card, the refund amount will go back on the same original gift card number.

If you made a part payment, with gift card and additional method of payment, the refund amount will go back to the gift card first (up to the original value) and any remaining funds to the additional method of payment. 

What happens if I am purchasing/redeeming a gift card in a different currency? 

You are able to purchase and redeem gift cards in your local currency. As this will differ from our currency, then a conversion takes place when the gift card is redeemed at the checkout. This conversion uses the exchange rate at the time that the gift card is redeemed, and not the exchange rate that was in place when the gift card was purchased. 

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